The Cast

Friends, Family and Named Inani-mates

Beardy Man - my rock, my sanity, my anchor
The Legend - The son I never had
Davros - my joystick operated electric wheelchair
Henry - my 4 wheel mobility scooter (Lowestoft)
Rascal - my second hand mega bargain 3 wheel mobility scooter (Abingdon)
He-Cub - Beardy Man's son
She-Cub - Beardy Man's daughter
Mummy B - Beardy Man's mum
MaTaz - Beardy Man's twin sister
Big Sis - my sister
Train Geek - her husband
Nephew - my sister's stepson
Aries - his daughter
Juliet - his girlfriend
Goldilocks - Juliet's daughter
Sneeze - my sister's stepdaughter
Pisces - Sneeze's younger daughter
Taurus - Sneeze's older daughter
Capricorn - Sneeze's son
COCL - Crazy Old Cat Lady, a very good friend
Hobble Boy - my brother
Mrs McTeach - his wife
The Brilliant - their daughter
Sylvester - boyfriend of The Brilliant
Pieman - friend since we were 14, twin from another mother

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